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There is a widespread renewed interest in basket making both here in the USA and abroad. I believe this is due to a desire for balance in our high tech society. There is something about weaving a basket that takes you back to a simpler place and time. We are lucky today to have so many basketry materials and accessories ready to use at our finger tips.

I am completely self taught, so I can vouch for the fact that it is possible to learn basket making from books and kits. However since basket making is such a visual craft, it is an asset if you can find classes near your home. Check with your town or county recreation or adult ed. departments to see what is available. If you want to jump right in and try a basket on your own, I have suggested some excellent books and kits for beginners in the section below. Don't forget you are welcome to call or email me if you get stuck!

Happy Weaving!


All materials are included in kits. You will also need a tape measure, pencil, clothespins, scissor-like cutters, awl or small screwdriver, and a container of water for soaking reed.


A picture is worth a thousand words...

To the right and below is a pictorial story of a young girl as she made her first basket kit. Emily's Dad sent me these photos and they just make me smile each time I see them. Great job Emily !

Getting started...
Not sure she can believe how great it is going..

weaving the sides...
Emily is starting to see it all come together.

looking like a real basket now!
Starting to feel very proud!

Tucking the spokes...
Needing a little help from Dad on this stage, but still very much in charge.

Time for the rim
Can't we stop here? It looks like a real basket!

Voila !! C'est fini!!
I did it!!!

Emily and her "First Basket"
Emily, you should be VERY proud of your first basket :) It's beautiful!!

Melon Basket KitMelon Basket Kit
The simplest of all ribbed baskets to weave. Ribbed baskets were traditionally woven by Appalachian basketmakers using white oak. Today, reed, as supplied in this kit is frequently used. Approx. 8" x 8".

"Baskets, Baskets, Baskets, Book 1---By Donna Rohkohl
Contains instructions for eight traditional style baskets--round bottom and market styles. Diagrams and instructions are excellent. 18 pages, soft color cover. Black and white photos also with each set of basket instructions. Purchase all three books of this series for $14.95. See next item description.

"Baskets, Baskets, Baskets 1,2,and 3 (set of all three)---By Donna Rohkohl
Set of three book series--all with wonderful instructions for beginning weavers. Start with simple traditional baskets and move on to Indian style storage baskets, totes, lidded baskets, and twill weaves. All three books are suited for beginner levels as the diagrams and instructions are well done.

book 5, 6, 7$14.95

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