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Catherine's Wall Basket
Jenny Antoline-New Patterns~

Hearth Basket Pattern
Twill Bucket Pattern
Caddy Basket Pattern-New
Floor Basket Pattern
Market Basket w/Twill Band Pattern
Harvester Basket Pattern- New !
Corner Basket Pattern~ New !
Donna Dipzinski

Twill Heart D
Homestyle Heart "D" Baskets
Linda Boyle

The Mini Marathon #1
Mini Marathon Pattern #2
Working Bushel Basket
Ryan's Mushroom Basket
Stair Step Basket
Brianne Feldpausch

Noteworthy Wall Basket Pattern
Catch-All Basket Pattern
Basket Full of Love Pattern
Heaven Sent Basket Pattern
Country Countertop Basket Pattern
Beach Basket Pattern
Jennifer Rhodes (formerly Forsyth)

Double D Market Basket -pattern
The Abundant Williamsburg ( NEW pattern)
The Mantel Basket ( NEW pattern)
Beachcomber Tote
Wine Tote Pattern
Williamsburg Market Basket
My Chunky Market Basket Pattern
Antique Tote Basket-New Pattern !
Mary Rose's Quilting Basket-New Pattern
Barbara Gilbert

Cabin Boy & Cabin Girl ( The Original!)
Lori Hasan

Frosty-Wall/Door Basket Pattern
Small Market Basket w/Heart Tie On
Eileen LaPorte

Williamsburg Table Basket
Garden Gathering Basket
Shaker Apple Basket
Carol Matteson

The Flowering Markets
Mandy Miller

Mini Bean Pot Basket
Country Market Basket
Shaker Style Market Basket
Lisa Nortz

Small & Mini Adirondack Pack Baskets
Laundry Basket
Large Casserole Basket
Caroline Prevost

Apple Bucket Basket (Old Favorite- back in stock !)
Judy Richmond (Page 1-Woven bottoms)

Judy's Gathering Basket
Classic Round Basket
Judy's Tall Round Basket
Judy's Flower Gathering Basket
Classic Floor Basket
Judy's New England Folk Art Basket
Judy Richmond (Page 1- Wood Bottoms)

Judy's Leather Trimmed Tote Pattern~~~ Available only at KMC !
Judy's Williamsburg Basket!
Judy's Serving Tray Pattern
Judy's Friendship Tote
Judy's Small Friendship Tote
Judy's Bushel Basket
Judy's Classic Oval Basket
Small Classic Oval Basket
Judy's Wood Bottom Door Basket
Judy's Bread Machine Bread Basket
Judy's Wood Bottom Market Basket Lamp
Judy's Favorite Lamp Basket
Wood Bottom Classic Deep Market Basket
Wood Bottom Classic Round Basket
Judy's Salsa & Chips Basket
Judy Richmond ( Page 2- Wood Bottoms )

New England Centerpiece Basket
Large Flower Gathering Basket w/Wooden Base
Classic Floor Basket w/Wooden Base
Judy's Basket Tray
New England Tote Basket w/Wooden Base
New England Chairside Basket w/Wooden Base
Judy's Apple Basket w/Wooden Base
Small Classic Market Basket w/Wooden Base
Small Flower Gathering Basket w/Wooden Base
Katlynn's Doll Cradle
New England Kettle Basket w/Wooden Bottom
Judy's Small Kettle Basket
Judy's Basket Vase w/Wooden Base
Judy Richmond ( Page 3 Wood Bottoms)

Judy's Italian Bread Basket
Judy's CD Basket
Judy's Teacher Tote Basket
Judy's Wood Bottom Gathering Basket
~ Judy's Garden Tote w/Swing Handle
~ Judy's Storage Basket w/Supports
Toni Rynicke ~ Page 1

Keeping Basket
Splint Field Basket
Apple Basket
Tea For Two
Hartland Tote
Toni Rynicke ~ Page 2

Marge's Independence Basket
Independence Keeping Basket
Independence Keeping Basket ( Small & Mini)
Cross Your Heart
Chain Link Double Jelly
Stuffed Animal Storage Basket
My Home Tweet Home
Mary E. Skillings

Little Rainbow Shaker Basket Pattern
Farmer's Market Basket Pattern ~
Shaker Bean Pot Basket Pattern ~
Cookie Keeper Pattern ~ NEW !
Megan's Doll Bed pattern~ NEW !
The Lost Lake Gathering Basket Pattern ~ New !
The Ant's Picnic Basket pattern- New !
Christmas Ornaments Pattern
Victorian Shopper-New Pattern !
"Mini Madness"
William & Moses
"Not So" Circular Files
Three Favorites In Miniature
Great Island Floor Basket
Oval Storage Basket
Penobscot Market Baskets
Johnny Appleseed Baskets
Mini Market
Garden Trug Basket Pattern
Dianne Stanton

New England Apple Basket Pattern ~ NEW!
Oval Wicker Picnic Basket Pattern ~ NEW !
New England (Penobscot ) Tote
Adirondack Style Backpacks
3/4 Bushel Yankee Field Basket
Scalloped Rim Pie Basket--New Pattern!
Arlene Zaloznik

Large Market Basket w/Swing Handle
Catherine's Wall Basket
Peanut Basket
Arlene's Picnic Basket

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