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Folk Art Basket Tray ~FREE PATTERN

Here you go... a new pattern pattern for a wood bottom tray basket which can also be hung as wall art as the base has a keyhole for hanging. The painted base is 8" x 11" and is available pre-painted following the pattern instructions along with the other supplies. In the future we will be adding other base designs for this basket. You can purchase the base unfinished if you have your own design you would like to paint. This basket looks really pretty hanging on the wall when not in use..Enjoy!

Weaving Supplies8" x 11" rectangle base w/keyhole ( painted or unpainted)

3/8" Flat-spokes & weavers--cut 44 spokes @6". Make a small pencil mark on the wrong side of each one to make inserting into the base easier.

#3 Round Reed...twining or chase weaving around the base.

7mm or 1/4" Flat Oval...weavers

1/2" Flat Oval...rims

3/16" Flat Oval...lasher

2 Small Christmas Tree w/Star Wires ( # 29ss)

optional-seagrass #1 or #3 to fill rims

***all supplies are available to order following instructions***

Getting Started ...**If painting your own base, do this a day or so before you plan to weave. Be sure to finish with a few coats of satin non-toxic varnish to protect your base.

Soak your stakes and 2 long pieces of #3 Round reed until flexible enough to weave. Insert your stakes rough side up evenly around the base as follows :

7 stakes on each 8" side, 11 stakes on each 11" side, 2 stakes in each corner.

Chase weave or twine with the round reed around your stakes for 3 rounds ( 6 individual rows). Weave snugly and adjust your stakes as you go on that first round.

Gently upset the stakes to prepare to weave sides of the basket.

Weaving the sides of the BasketAll weaving is "over, under".

~ Row 1....3/8" Flat, starting "over" a stake that the chase weaving or twining last went "under".

~ Row 2,3, & 4....7mm or 1/4" Flat Oval

~ Row 5....3/8" Flat

~ Row 6....7m or 14" Flat Oval

~ Row 7 ( last row)....3/8" Flat

Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight and then pack down your rows nice & tight.

Finish and Add your Rims~ Cut & Tuck your stakes...cut inside stakes even with the top of the last row. Soak the tops of the remaining stakes down to the basket sides. Gently bend each outside stake to the inside, cut excess and tuck into first available weaver inside the basket.When ready to tuck the middle stake on each 8" side, first insert the Christmas Tree wire down into the inside of the basket, tucking the ends of the wires under an inside weaver to each side of that middle stake. Split that middle stake down to the basket edge, Fold over the edge of each side of wire, criss cross and tuck under the first available weaver.

Rim your basket with 1/2" Flat Oval, fill with seagrass if desired, and lash with 3/16" Flat Oval. Gently bend the Christmas Tree wires down level with the basket ( same as with the Irish Soda Bread Basket).

Spray with weavers stain if desired--I covered the wire handles with tin foil while I sprayed. Quickly wipe off any excess from the base with paper towels. Let dry over night.

Your "Christmas Peace" Basket Tray is now ready to serve Christmas treats or hang on the wall for all to admire.

** Because my home is decorated in a country/primitive style, I rarely use dyed reed & I stained this basket with Driftwood Weavers Stain for an "old" look. Feel free to use your own style if you prefer by adding dyed weavers for accent color, or using a different color stain.

Merry Christmas! All supplies for this basket are available below.

Painted "Christmas Peace" 8 x11 Base out of stock

8 x 11" Rectangle base with a keyhole in the back for hanging.. Base coated, varnished, stenciled, varnished, antiqued, and varnished once more...Also available unfinished.

Limited supply available before Christmas, please order early. More designs for this basket coming soon, along with stencils for do it yourselfers.

8 x 11" Rectangle Base w/Keyhole ( Unfinished)Unfinished 8 x 11" Rect. base for those who would like to paint their own designs, or just stain it without a painted design.

Small Christmas Tree W / Star Wire1 1/2"w x 3 1/4"h


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